Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Puck and Gavel in Recess

Please accept my apologies for not posting for a couple of days. Sometimes, my real job will get in the way of this one. This week is one of those times.

Part of the problem is that I also want to provide original content. By that I mean that I don't want to just link to a bunch of news stories and regurgitate what they said. There are plenty of websites that do that, and do it well. I want to provide analysis that you won't find in media reports. I also am not a reporter, so what little investigation that I do is only going to be germane to my legal analysis. But providing that analysis takes three things: an idea, resources, and time.

Sometimes, it is hard for me to come up with an original idea to write about, a way to look at an issue that has not already been done. For instance, I don't know what I could add about the NHL's first offer that hasn't been explained in depth in every single media report.

Then I thought that I could maybe put some insight into negotiation strategy, but the book I wanted to reference must be in the same box as the Land Use Controls book I wanted to cite regarding the construction of a new arena for the Islanders. This is an example of resource problems.

But I probably could have looked around and found the information to support what I would be advocating. However, this week I do not have the time to search for those resources. As an example, the two posts I made on the Kitchener Rangers took a total of over ten hours to research, write, edit, and publish.
But if you want me to aggregate reports and highlight the pertinent information from those reports, just let me know. It would not take me long to compile that information, but I feel like I wouldn't be adding much value to what you could just read from those other reports.

Anyway, I look to be back by Monday at the latest with some original content. I hope to see you all then. If you want to discuss other issues that I've previously written about, feel free to comment on the posts, e-mail me at puckandgavel@gmail.com, or tweet me @puckandgavel. I can still quickly discuss those issues.

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